Monday, 21 February 2011

Food? Art??

Guess what's inside the box...

Chocolate couple! The sweetest couple ever!!
They are for my school project, "drawing and reproduction". The assignment was to produce multiple copies of drawings .
The characters whom I made chocolates and boxes of are originally from my another project, "100 drawings of silence". Because their faces were serious, and even sad from the expression of silence, I wanted to make them happy. That's why I decided to use chocolate for this project...
I used the idea of stencil to make lines on chocolates. It worked quite well!
And of course they are eatable! Yum yum.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

they inspired me a lot.

I drew this image when I got inspired by Tove Jansson years ago. At that time, I often drew whatever I wanted to without caring how much I got inspired by those great illustrators I loved (Tove Jansson, Ludwig Bemelmans, Janosch, Errol Le Cain, etc.). Now I know it's really hard to create my own world with my original characters. And I respect them even more.

Stencil, stencil, stencil!

One of the things I tried for the first time since I entered this school.
And I really enjoyed it!!

The top one is my practice on the sketchbook with water colour.

This is the practice with one sentence, "Yes, I'm on my own", from a book. The story was nothing to do with the deer, but anyway, I wanted to draw deer!

Again, I used water colour. These 3 images are from my outcome for the project of " drawing and writing". This turned out to be more like a picture book. I played with the words, connecting and disconnecting. The story is about "the best memory", which is likely to seem much better than the reality. People always dream about their past, wishing they can rewind time. But memories are beautiful as "memories". They always stay in your heart.

Happy Wedding

In Japan, when a couple have wedding, they put a notice in front of the entrance of the chapel so that people would know the wedding is held there. The notice is called "welcome board", and it could be a  drawing of the couple like the above I made for one of my best friends.
This illustration is about A3 size, and the picture is quite wonky but it's all because of my bad camera skill!

colouring my imagination

I think drawing with water colours is my way. I love mixing and making colours to create my own world. What is your colour? 

Happy Birthday

I used to make a lot of birthday cards to give those who I love. I like drawing with thinking of someone... Here are some of photo copies of birthday cards I made years ago...
Talking of birthday, today is my father's birthday!!
"Happy Birthday, father!!!"

looooong weekend...

My mind is occupied with portfolio stuff!!!
I need to have fresh air...Oh why is the sky so grey?

I will look back and see what I drew ages ago...
They are the birds I drew. The bottom one was given to my friend who got married.
I love birds!!