Wednesday, 22 February 2012

manhattan mono film festival

I have new school project to do now.
The task is to create 4 images to promote the "Manhattan Mono Film Festival". This "film festival" is for 4 famous classic comedy films.
This time, I am allowed to use only 2 colours for the images... At first, I found myself struggling. I felt like the possibility of my imagination for this project was narrowed by this requirement because I often start with a lot of colours to draw an image. I did some simple images with two different colours and none of them was "me". Mike, one of our tutors, pointed out that I was considering how to use limited colours too much, and that I always try to make myself fit into the brief which causes me to twist my style... This is so true, what I was doing at first was more like a graphic designer's job, not an illustrator's. So, I started to think about the story behind the images and I found an interesting similarity between silent movie and illustration that both should tell a story without sound. Because I was very attracted by comical action and amazing stunt by those great film stars, I didn't want to draw just still portrait of them. Also, I thought I shouldn't give up using fine lines and detailed images which is "me". Here are my experiments.They could be individual images, but when they are put in order, they tell a story. I still need to decide which colour is the best to use, but at least, I have something that I can say "this is my illustration"!! 


  1. ahhh! that's amazing! love it!

  2. you are always the first person who gives me feedback...amazing! hahaha, and thank yooou!