Sunday, 6 May 2012

ok, time to blog!!!

 Haven't uploaded my blog for ages...but it doesn't mean I wasn't doing creative works!!
I've been so so busy, doing 3 different projects for uni, and some other personal projects. The photos above are taken for one of uni projects which is illustration for a short story. Yes, "illustration". Who says you can only draw with pen and ink to tell a story??
 The given story I chose is "the Owl and the Pussycat". Since this is nonsense poem which is about the owl and the pussycat getting married, I decided to create crazy nonsense sweets for their wedding. I made 4 different scenes with different sweets for each, and took about 500 photos... But I strongly feel I need to know more technique for photograph...
Anyway, I will chose nicer of all, and edit to make a recipe book for children. I may add some hand drawings on the images... 

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