Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas break is coming in one month!!

Just got flight tickets to Japan for Christmas break! Yay!!
It will be so nice to spend christmas and new year with my family and old friends... cant wait!!
But before, I have to face the real. I still haven't finished many of projects our class went through... Today, I was trying a lot of different compositions for the Kelpie (water horse) project. To convince people that this creature really exists, I thought a poster of circus could be nice. In a circus, all the impossible things can be possible. I was really excited and took long time for the first one, thinking it would work well as a poster. But then I did different images and felt that the first one might be too busy. It's funny, the more I did experiments, the simpler those images became... As you can see from the last image...it is...minimal.

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