Thursday, 6 December 2012

The last project before christmas!

This uni project was the most interesting, but the most time-consuming one so far!!

We were asked to make an 8 page - story about "escalation" without using any word. Also, we were told that we could only use 3 colours for the book. I always find it very difficult to make an image with limited colours and if I consider about the limitation too much, usually it only makes my image scaled down and boring. However, I think this time I learnt the possibility of 3 colours! I chose yellow, indigo blue and light blue for my outcome, and tutors showed me several ways to apply those colours onto my drawings by using different layers in PhotoShop. They also told students that if we think carefully about the order and combination of 3 colours, we can make 4th or 5th colours!! For example, the image above shows green (yellow + light blue), and yellow + indigo would be black ish colour. The process is more like screen printing, and you can play with different textures as well. So I did rubber stamp, stencil, pencil drawing and marker drawing to make the story crazier and crazier, busier and busier.

The story is about a bird who is crazy about picking up and collecting anything from the ground. He starts picking small things like stones and twigs...Then when he gets more extreme... He starts picking trees and houses... What do you think he tries to collect in the end??
It's very very simple story, but actually I got this idea from real people's life. People (especially who live in very rich environment)  never stop wanting to get new things. And in many situation, they do not know why they need new things or how seriously they need.
Anyway, I enjoyed drawing this crazy character!