Saturday, 19 January 2013

Logic will take you from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere

They are my outcomes for 3 dimensional image making project. We were asked to chose one of given quotes and make some 3D object for it. As I was thinking about my quote, "Logic will take you from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere", I came up with 4 different key words; doors, birds, telephone and traveling. 

For birds, I thought about what ancient people believed... Birds fly not because of physical reason, but because they believe they can fly... But I did not know how I could expand this idea. 

Then another key word, doors, was easily came to my mind. I thought if I could show the doors which lead people to a lot of imaginary places, it would explain the quote. I was almost making doors made of biscuits and hanging them from the ceiling so I could say, "take your imagination inside of you! you can go anywhere!" But then I wanted to use different materials this time, as I have baked cakes for another project already... I wanted to try something new. 

Telephone was another fun idea. I thought that making paper-cup phone with string would be nice. I used to play with string phone a lot when I was a kid. It would be connected to the other phone so that you can talk with the person holding the other side. For this project, this paper-cup phone would show enough about "A to B logic". Then I thought that by showing only one side of string, I could tell the audience that imagination will decide what the other end would look like, or who you can talk to. 

Finally, I decided to choose the idea of traveling because I thought it could contain more of my personal feeling. I started thinking about a story of a traveler who looks for his utopia through his life time. But then after long journey, he realizes that his imaginary world is always with him wherever he goes. Maybe this is also the story of myself, as I know I want to keep doing illustration after finishing this course wherever I go. For this idea, I needed to make a small town of imagination and put it into a suitcase to show the contrast between logic and imagination. I also wanted to have some connection between suitcase and houses, so I decided to use fabrics for houses because fabrics are what people normally put into a suitcase. (clothes, underwear, socks, towels...) Although I had no experience of sewing stuffed toys, I enjoyed making those small houses. ( They are all hand sewn and it took me forever to make!!) Each house is identical and has some piece of old garment, and some of houses are even made of socks. 

After making 20 of houses, it was time to actually go somewhere and take photos. With my friend's help (thank you Diandra!!), I went to different places and did photo shooting. It was quite hard to find nice places since many places are owned by someone and we were not allowed to record anything. Airport and train station were out of the question. So none of the backgrounds of my image is extraordinary. However, I found that maybe it is better to have nothing special for the background because in that case I can tell people that you can change your daily life into magical one if you have imagination...
There are still a lot to learn from photography, but I am quite happy as I managed to finish making 3D image and tried to make something further with it. And what the best thing is, now I know I can sew! 

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