Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My Illusionist used a magic!!

Yesterday I got an email from Macmillan Children Books, and they told me the judges selected my work, The Illusionist, as a highly recommended piece during this year's judging!!
I am so excited about it...!! Yaaay!

I was very happy with the story itself, but had very tough time to create the images which go with the story. But yes, my Illusionist used the magic really!!
My artwork will be displayed at their exhibition at Foyles book shop from 25th- 30th May.
Please come and have a look if you are in London :)


  1. 受賞おめでとうございます!(^▽^)

  2. Kanako chan arigatou!!!
    jusyou toiuyori wa, short listed tte kanji nandakedone ^^;
    demo ureshii!

  3. Sounds like a really interesting story! I definitely hope one day this will come in the form of a book I can buy in bookstores! Congrats one more time!

  4. Thanks for really sweet comment Weichuen!
    And I hope I can buy your lovely illustration too!!!

  5. Momo, these illustrations are so beautiful! I'm so proud of you! I would love to read the whole story and see the whole book. Do you have a digital version somewhere?

    x Anna from Munich

    1. Anna! Thank you for a sweet comment :D
      I am planning to finish all the pages (if time allows...)
      But yeah, maybe I should upload the whole story and rough images..