Friday, 27 December 2013

Almost end of 2013

Recently I did lots of drawings of cat :D
In these 2 quick images a cat is dreaming of winter/spring in a warm room.
Can you tell which is which?
I have developed this dreaming cat for a competition so hopefully I will upload the final drawing here soon.

Coming to the end of year...

I'm looking back 2013 and there were so many things happened(good or not... 
well, I'm happy to say mostly good things!)
There were lots of good-byes... but also nice meetings with new people :)) 
I have come back to Japan, and reached to the turning point of my life.
What was your 2013 like?


  1. I think wherever you are, you will continue to shine!


    1. Dear Weichuen
      Thank you so much! I will continue to shine, because my dear people cast a light on me :))